The Liver Cleansing Diet

Love your liver and live longer

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The Liver Cleansing Diet

The Liver Cleansing Diet book is up-to-date and more relevant than ever in this modern day where lifestyle and diet choices have unfortunately resulted in more instances of fatty liver disease and dysfunction than ever before. In this book Dr Sandra Cabot makes us aware of how important the liver is to our general health and longevity. Indeed, her catch cry is “love your liver and live longer” and has inscribed it as the subtitle of this book.
This revised and updated The Liver Cleansing Diet contains new life-saving material on hepatitis C and B viral infections. These infections affect nearly one billion of the earth's population and are set to increase. Drug treatments have poor success rates in the majority of sufferers, as well as a high incidence of severe side effects.
The natural therapies contained in this book have been shown to improve outcomes in viral hepatitis. 
It contains:
  • New, effective and achievable nutritional strategies for overweight children.
  • Delicious perfectly balanced meals that will improve your child's energy and moods.
  • Low carb food ideas to stimulate fat-burning in children.
Fatty liver is not uncommon in children today; if not reversed it can lead to obesity and diabetes. If your liver is happy, chances are you will be too. Healthy liver function is important for positive moods, physical energy and sex drive.
Get re-inspired – get a copy of the NEW Liver Cleansing Diet Book!





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This book changes lives, it saves lives.

By: on 22 February 2021
I have given this book to about a dozen people to read. The most rewarding was a man in an appliance shop ( I was buying a juicer). He was grossly over weight & his doctor told him he would die if he did not lose weight. He lost a total of 38 kgs after reading your book. His doctor then went out and bought the LCD book. I kept in touch with this man, he then got fit and ran a half marathon. Thank you from everyone who has gained a new "life".


By: on 29 October 2020
Recently pulled out my 1990s book and finished 8 weeks again feel so good after it - no more hot flushes for me

Great results !

By: on 6 October 2020
I used Dr Cabot's liver cleansing diet book over 20yrs ago My liver was not in a good way, my doctor wanted me to have a biopsy of it. I followed her diet within 8 weeks my blood tests came back normal. My doctor asked me how did you do that ? No biopsy needed

Thank you!

By: on 28 September 2020
The Liver Cleansing Diet helped me through a major liver challenge, when the specialist's solution was steroids for the rest of my life. Ten years later & my health is fabulous. Forever grateful for the healing solution. :)

Thank you!

By: on 27 July 2020
Been following for about 1.5 months. Had the best blood test results that I have seen in a Couple yrs. Serum phosphorus down by 1.1 and glucose was 88. Cant beat that . Thankyou for this good book

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